Milklab on its partnership with White Horse Coffee Roasters


Milklab is getting back to its collaborative roots, showcasing products developed for baristas, with baristas.

Since its inception in 2015, MILKLAB has collaborated with some of the world’s most influential coffee professionals including baristas, Q graders, coffee roasters, café owners and food technologists.

With Australia’s booming coffee industry and an increasing number of consumers looking to switch from regular dairy milk, Milklab Marketing Manager Natalie Latimore says Milklab sought to develop a range of milks that would suit a variety of tastes and dietary needs.

“We spent months travelling the country talking to the industry; baristas, roasters, and café owners, to understand what they were looking for from plant-based milks. Then more specifically, what they wanted from plant-based milk for coffee,” says Natalie.

“We take on feedback to ensure we’re developing products the industry wants to see. Our end goal is to ultimately elevate the coffee experience for both the industry and consumers alike.”

It was this approach that uncovered the rich insights that informed the building blocks of the brand and led to collaboration becoming an inherent part of Milklab’s DNA.

Roasters like White Horse Coffee Roasters help Milklab create a premium offer to elevate the café coffee experience for its consumers.

“We’ve been working closely with the Milklab team on several exciting projects, one of which includes taking Milklab Oat to the next level,” says White Horse Coffee Roasters Founder Dominick Majdandzic.

During this process, White Horse Coffee Roasters has sampled and presented ideas directly to its baristas, advising Milklab of any key insights to help create a superior oat milk that’s smooth, creamy, and can texture, stretch, and pour with high performance.

“We want to help Milklab create the best oat milk Australia has ever seen,” Dominick says.

This commitment to the Australian coffee industry is what inspired the foodservice-exclusive brand to support BeanScene’s 2022 Roasters Directory, a comprehensive listing of Australia and New Zealand coffee roasters.

“To this day, community sits at the heart the brand and collaboration with the industry remains at the heart of everything we do,” Natalie says.

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