Minas Hill Coffee marks 10-year anniversary with sustainable specialty coffees

Minas Hill

Minas Hill Coffee is celebrating 10 years of operation in 2022, and to mark the occasion, the green bean trader will be bringing its largest variety of Brazilian specialty coffees to Australia.

“We will be showcasing approximately 15 coffees produced and promoted exclusively by women, through the Flowers in Action program, a program that represents four very successful years of bringing women producers closer to roasters throughout Australia,” says Minas Hill Founder and CEO Marcelo Brussi.

Minas Hill will also be receiving exclusive batches of high-rated coffee from members of the Alto da Serra Producers’ Association (APAS).

“We know the significant cost of producing sustainable, high-quality micro-lots in such times of sky-rocketing market prices, ranging from $15 to $50 per kilo. But the Australian market has always preferred high-scoring coffees with exotic flavours and that are socially and environmentally conscious, so we encourage our partners to produce such coffees,” Marcelo says.

Another producer passionate about sustainable coffee production is Jean Vilhena of Santa Monica Farm, who has focused on conservation of water resources. Jean has produced several types of fermentation which will also become available to the Australian market.

Since 2012, Minas Hill has been representing the Brazilian specialty coffee sector through its partnership with the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association, encouraging its producing partners to undertake good agricultural practices on the farm, with the result proven in cup quality.

“Minas Hill wants this year to be the turning point, the year in which we can bring joy back to the world of coffee, and that’s why it went looking for cafés within its cycle of long partnerships, that represented everything that made the Minas Hill the point of contact for Brazilian specialty coffees,” Marcelo says.

For more information, visit minashill.com.au

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