Minas Hill Coffee to host Instagram Live chat with Brazil’s most sustainable coffee farmer

Brazil’s most sustainable coffee farmer

Coffee trader Minas Hill will host an Instagram Live with Brazilian coffee producer Pedro Gabarra at 7pm on 30 July.

Pedro owns Santo Antonio, Vertentes, and Pinhal, the latter of which was named the most sustainable farm in Brazil for 2019 by Globo Rural, a respected agricultural publication.

Located in Southern Minas Gerais, in a micro-region known as Campos das Vertentes, Santo Antonio farm was inherited in 1994, and Pinhal was acquired in 1997. At that time, it had only 100 coffee trees as dairying cattle was the main activity.

Santo Antonio and Pinhal are run by Pedro and his family, who take care of all stages of the crop. Minas Hill says it is not uncommon to find Pedro himself picking cherries during harvesting time.

Each farm maintains more than 40 per cent of the total area for reforestation/legal reserve, showing their respect for the environment and the cultural history of their land.

“What is essential to us is the human relationship, mutual respect, and also respect for the nature, and most of all, our passion for coffee. For me and for my family, coffee was never only coffee, for me coffee is the same as passion, coffee is life, coffee is movement,” Pedro says.

They currently have 5 different and permanent projects that aim to create environmental awareness, a better relationship between the workers’ families and a hope for a better future for the generations to come. Minas Hill Coffee has been proudly supporting those projects since 2013, when our partnership started.”

Pedro and his sister, Mariana, also run the Wings project, where they rehabilitate local birds that have been freed from poachers.

Learn more about Pedro HERE.

Watch the Instagram Live at @minas_hill_coffee

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