Minas Hill Founder Marcelo Brussi on the need for market recognition

Minas Hill

This article is written by Minas Hill Owner and Founder Marcelo Brussi

In such a tough economy hit hard by the global pandemic in 2020 and 2021, it’s time to celebrate the hard work of the coffee industry.

To appreciate its worth, we must first understand the sentimental value of coffee to people.

A cup of coffee with exotic flavours and notes is like a good wine or a good dish. It evokes our memories, takes us places we’ve been, and brings back feelings of togetherness with the people we love.

That’s why Minas Hill took a defiant stance to bring in more microlots than ever before, despite the hardships over the last few years.

Minas Hill has adopted an award-winning partnership approach with its producers, valuing characteristics such as innovation, sustainability and quality, aiming to attract more attention to the customers we work with.

We wanted to celebrate the joy of living with our customers, drinking great coffee, and honouring producers who are committed to the Australian market.

The coffee market goes beyond trading on the New York Stock Exchange. It reaches thousands of producers who invest in and were not discouraged during the global pandemic, always aiming to produce and deliver their best coffee to the final consumers who were eager for that extra bliss when buying their daily coffee.

However, as we know, farmers need to innovate in technology, materials and labour to produce excellent coffee.

All of these demand a considerable financial contribution and it is essential to understand the value of a product in order to be able to appreciate it.

At Minas Hill, we understand initiatives such as better remuneration, education and support can change a small producer’s life and their family’s well-being. We know that farmers won’t put in the same effort if the market does not recognise them.

Our mission is to help create an environment where farmers can produce quality coffee with social and sustainable responsibility.

I have advocated for sustainability in my country for over three decades, and the company is proud to work with producers who share the same mindset.

We urge the coffee industry to seek that same excellence in sustainability and social justice that we do in all our practices, so we can flourish to the coffee industry together.

For more information, visit minashill.com.au

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