Minas Hill brings COE winner’s aerobic fermentation lots to Australia

Specialty coffee importer Minas Hill has received a set of two “mega micro-lots” from 2018 Brazil Cup of Excellence (COE) Champion Ismael Andrade.

Ismael has collaborated with the Federal Institute of Espirito Santo to analyse and implement new processing methods. At his farm, he now experiment with aerobic and anaerobic fermentation. Click HERE for more.

The two lots Minas Hill has brought to Australia include 48-hour and 96-hour aerobic fermentation coffees.

The 48-hour aerobic fermented coffee features a citric and floral aroma, with notes of jasmine and a bright acidity. It has a creamy body with a velvety mouthfeel. There are 20 bags available.

Though Minas Hill CEO Marcelo Brussi says the real standout is the 96-hour aerobic fermented coffee. It features a sweet aroma with notes of honey, berries, and rapadura sugar, a citric acidity, and a syrupy body. The coffee was a finalist in COE 2019. There are 10 bags available.

“We wanted to create an easy-drinking coffee with flavours that would entice any coffee lover palate”, Ismal says.

A friend of Ismael, Marcelo was blown away by the coffee.

“Our winner is back. CoE champion Ismael Andrade is again innovating in unreal experimentation. Uniting the inherent natural qualities from natural Cerrado DOP and 96 hours of aerobic fermentation,” Marcelo says.

“When I cupped this coffee at the farm, I was sure this would be again, if not the champion, placed in the top five finalists. He had created something delicious without the flavours only coffee geeks would understand. It’s so exclusive not even Ismael has this coffee to his personal enjoyment”

Marcelo says roasters who want to buy the coffee should be quick, as some bags are already committed.

“It’s special, from a reputable long-time known farmer, and it values his hard work in experiments and dedication,” Marcelo says.

For more information, contact info@minashill.com.au

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