Minas Hill to host Brazilian coffee cupping in Sydney

minas hill brazilian cupping

Green bean trader Minas Hill will host a cupping of 12 Brazilian coffees at Collective Roasting Solutions in Alexandria, New South Wales, on 21 May.

Coffees on the table will include lots from Minas Hill’s producing partners Ismael Andrade, Gabriel Oliveira and Pedro Gabarra, as well as seasonal lots from Bahia State in the Mantiqueira region.

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Minas Hill Founder Marcelo Brussi will also talk about sustainability, the coffee price crisis, and his producing partners’ social projects in Brazil at the event. These projects include GIMA (Intercity Games for the Environment), a social project providing social and environmental education to 1000 kids from Gabriel’s surroundings, and the Wings Project, an animal rescue and recovery project run by Pedro.

Minas Hill recently opened a Sydney warehouse to better cater of the market’s needs for a comprehensive Brazilian coffee supplier.

The coffee cupping will begin at 5:30pm, with food and drink to follow.

For more information, click HERE.

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