Minas Hill to launch Flowers in Action micro-lots, grown by female producers

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In celebration of International Women’s Day, coffee trader Minas Hill will host a cupping of micro-lots produced by female farmers, at Bossa Nova Brazilian Restaurant Café on 12 March.

The coffees on display will be micro-lots exclusively produced by female farmers part of the Flowers in Action project. This will mark the  launch of the coffees in Australia.

Before cupping these coffees, Minas Hill has invited prominent women in the coffee industry to discuss the role women play in the coffee industry.

Clara Santaera, a coffee roaster and salesperson at Minas Hill, has a true passion for the coffee industry. Clara enjoyed many years as Head Barista at one of Melbourne’s beloved Italian emporiums before falling in love with the art of roasting.

Tina Wendell, Founder of 23 Degrees Coffee Roasters, is committed to sourcing at least 50 per cent of her coffee from female producers. Last year, she travelled to Brazil to meet members of Alto da Serra Producers’ Association (APAS) and how Flowers in Action operates.

Since 2019, Minas Hill has supported Flowers in Action, a project empowering female farmers, which recognises their work and commitment in producing specialty coffee in Brazil.

Together with APAS, Minas Hill works to create better opportunities for its female members, valuing their activities and encouraging them to produce and brand their own coffee.

Brazilian-style nibbles and drinks will follow.

For more information, contact info@minashill.com.au

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