How minerals in water influence the taste of coffee

Coffee taste depends to a certain extent on the overall mineralisation – sum of all the minerals – and alkalinity – carbonate hardness – of the water.

Water is an excellent solvent that consists of more than just the pure chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen, i.e. H2O. Substances from the environment and minerals are dissolved in drinking water. These influence the tas­te of coffee because they determine the chemical properties and solvent behaviour of the water.

Water filter manufacturer Brita says the most important minerals occurring naturally in drinking water include calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, as well as chloride, sulfate, and hydrogen carbonate. The latter is responsible for the alkalinity, and with calcium and magnesium, the car­bonate hardness of the water. This has a strong influence on the development of the coffee’s flavour.

Hydrogen carbonate in water has a chemical effect as “buffer”, neutralising acids. However, caffeic acids are a crucial factor in the taste of coffee.

“When there is a lot of hydrogen carbonate or the water is too hard, it reacts with the fine caffeic acids. The coffee then tastes unbalanced, bitter and flat,” says Birgit Kohler, Head of Organoleptic Department at Brita.

With more than 50 years of experience in water filtration, Brita says the perfect coffee starts with the perfect water. To achieve this, the company developed the Purity C500 MinUp.

The professional filter solution is specifically designed to deliver the ideal degree of mineralisation, allowing coffee to develop its full flavour and aroma. Combining the cartridge with the Purity C Quell ST prefilter ensures that Purity C MinUp releases its minerals reliably and consistently. Built-in activated carbon technology also filters out any substances that could have a negative impact on taste.

Brita says professional, targeted filtration is key to consistent coffee excellence and achieving that perfect brew.

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