Minipresso NS2

Minipresso NS2

After years of innovation, Wacaco has redesigned the new Minipresso NS2 to be even more compact and lighter than the previous generation.

Boasting 18 bars of pressure, this handheld espresso machine is more powerful than its predecessors and features a sustainably-designed exterior constructed of 30 per cent wheat-composed polymers.

Compatible with Nespresso Original* coffee pods, the Minipresso NS2 makes it easy to prepare and clean up.

It is also available is the new Minipresso NS2 Case, which can safely store and transport the Minipresso NS2. It includes a coaster and a capsule box for holding eight capsules.

Together, the pair are the ultimate coffee-on-the-go package.

* Third-party brand with no link to Wacaco Company Limited.

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