Minor Figures relaunches its Barista Oat M*lk

Minor Figures

Minor Figures has reimagined its Barista Oat M*lk with an updated recipe made with the specialty coffee industry in mind.

Minor Figures Co-founder Jonathan Chiu says the company has reimagined its Barista Oat Milk with a new recipe that will set it apart from its competitors, creating more balanced, full-bodied coffees.

“Our goal was to create an oat milk that would pair perfectly with any specialty coffee, highlighting rather than smothering the tasting notes that make each espresso unique. The result is a silky micro-foam when steamed, adding natural sweetness, density, and balance to the final cup,” Jonathan says.

“With the hundreds of hours of work that goes into making beans what they are, from growing, harvesting and processing to roasting, is there a milk you can reach for that will truly do that espresso shot justice?

With our newly developed recipe, we’re filling that space between espresso and the traditional latte.”

The updated formula is designed to create rich, vibrant coffees that celebrate the original flavour profile of the espresso.

“It orbits coffee closely, not overwhelming the espresso but magnifying its unique tasting profile across the full spectrum of flavour to produce that perfectly balanced final cup,” Jonathan says.

Perfecting the taste profile of its products is just one part of the company’s ethos. Jonathan says operating sustainably is another crucial element of Minor Figures.

“Our efforts to minimise and improve our impact on the environment have been a core principle of Minor Figures since the start” he says.

He adds that operating sustainably is a way for Minor Figures to uphold its commitment to its customers, communities, and the planet.

“We are B Corp Certified, carbon neutral and all our oat milks are made in Australia. All our products are vegan, and we are committed to upholding the values of plant-based living throughout the company,” says Jonathan.

Jonathan adds that the company’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its oat milk range.

We’re not only working to leave the planet a better place than we found it, but we’re also specifically targeting the most impacted by the climate crisis,” he says.

“At present, we’re investing our carbon offset credits into supporting solar power in Surel, India. In previous years we’ve supported both carbon renewal and carbon removal projects including shade grown coffee, afforestation, and clean cookstoves, among others.”

According to Jonathan, the newly reimagined Barista Oat Milk has been well received by the community.

“The feedback we’ve been hearing has us really excited, with people within the coffee community telling us that Barista Oat perfectly complements any espresso it’s paired with to create a final cup with a silky texture that is full of flavour,” he says.

“This fidelity of the bean characteristics balanced with a bigger mouthfeel is where Barista Oat really stands out from the crowd, magnifying each individual tasting note rather than overpowering the espresso with the flavour of the milk itself.”

As the market for alternative milk continues to evolve, Minor Figures is focused on continuing to perfect its oat milk offering.

“We often get asked if we would expand into other non-dairy milks, like soy and almond, however our belief is that oat milk is the best milk currently available for coffee.” Jonathan says.

“That said, we are always experimenting with new ideas and recipes. We maintain an open mind, so if we ever do come across a different kind of plant-based milk that’s better suited to making perfect cups of coffee, you can expect to see us embracing it with open arms.”

With the demand for plant-based alternatives on the rise, Jonathan says it’s clear that Minor Figures’ approach to oat milk is making waves in the industry.

“As an independent business that is a B-Corp and carbon neutral, we’re committed to providing an alternative to big corporate brands with an oat milk that is better for your coffee, better for communities and better for the planet,” says Jonathan.

For more information, visit au.minorfigures.com

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