Modus Caffe

Newly re-opened Modus Cafe is a fully licensed espresso bar catering to the financial sector of Sydney’s city centre. Largely attracting city slickers in suits, Managing Director and Owner, Frank Angilletta, says the café is a great place to dine while holding business meetings or to escape the daily pressures of appointments, emails and deadlines.

Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows and big open spaces, Modus Café is located in a highrise foyer with granite benches and a dining area, an external al fresco space and a bar.

To keep the workers ticking through the day, Frank serves Mecca coffee from two La Marzocco linea 3 groups. Modus Cafe uses a dark horse blend for their signature coffee, a combination of Bolivia, Costa Rica and Guatemala beans. “We’re passionate about our coffee and serving great coffee to our customers,” Frank says. “We’re seeing a current trend towards espresso coffees and in particular, short and long blacks.”

Frank has worked in the café industry for the past three years after a long career in the restaurant sector. He says the adjustment has been somewhat challenging. “I came into this job with a restaurant mentality, but coffee is a job in itself,” frank says.

Serving light lunches and aperitivo on a friday afternoon, Modus Cafe takes an appreciation to Italian cuisine and customs. One of the most popular offerings at Modus Cafe is the $5 pasta of-the-day. Other lunch options include paninis, bruschetta, and the Insalata Caprese with ripe tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and olive oil.

For the busy workers on-the-go, croissants and brioches are also an available option for a morning snack.

“Customers can expect a tranquil ambience, modern décor, great coffee and great service, we’re got it all,” says Frank.

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