Molecular coffee start-up secures nearly $4 million in seed funding

molecular coffee

Seattle-based start-up Atomo Coffee has secured US$2.6 million (about $3.8 million) in seed funding to develop “molecular coffee”, a coffee beverage made without traditional beans.

The Atoma teams says it has reverse engineered the coffee bean to create a uniquely smooth cup of coffee, that is more consistent and sustainable than current commercial coffee.

Atomo says it looked at more than 1000 of the compounds in coffee at a molecular level that contribute to body, mouthfeel, aroma, and colour, to find those essential to aroma and flavour. It then sourced these naturally-derived compounds to design its coffee.

“Atomo’s beanless coffee provides consumers with a sustainable choice while delivering the great taste and caffeine they expect in their morning cup,” Atomo CEO Andy Kleitsch says.

Chief Scientist Jarret Stopforth says the coffee industry is ripe for innovation and change.

“The acceptance of agriculture alternatives has been proven with meatless meats and dairy-free milks, we want to continue that movement in a category we feel passionate about, coffee,” Stopforth says.

Horizon Ventures is the private investment firm behind the funding.

“Coffee consumption has been steadily increasing year over year globally. We are proud to share Atomo’s vision in finding innovative alternative solutions to the growing issues surrounding the coffee industry,” says Tony Lau of Horizons Ventures.

Atomo Coffee has also recently added food and beverage technology profesisonals to its advisory board including Bryan Crowley, CEO of Soylent, and Dr. Chahan Yeretzian of the Swiss Coffee Excellence Center.

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