Mr. Sheriff Woody latte art by Amy Zhang

ASCA Australian Latte Art Champion Amy Zhang

You’ve always got a friend in Woody. ASCA Australian Latte Art Champion Amy Zhang brings her interpretation of an iconic Toy Story character to life with four key rosettas and some etching skills.

Hopefully, you’ve become acquainted with my Amybear design, based on the ‘Lots-o-Huggin’ Bear from Toy Story, (if not check out the October edition of BeanScene) and now I want to share with you the perfect pattern to go with it.

In the movie Toy Story, Sherriff Woody is Andy’s favourite toy since kindergarten, and just like the strong-willed cowboy himself, this latte art design stands on its own as a bold and fun pattern.

Amy Zhang is the 2022 ASCA Australian Latte Art Champion.

I’ve received so many messages and photos of baristas attempting my original Sherriff Woody latte art design from the 2022 ASCA Northern Region Latte Art Championship. I feel like everyone enjoys the character as much as I do.

I was fortunate to meet a father with his two daughters who were both dressed in the cosplay outfits of Woody and Huggin’ Bear. They had travelled from far away and requested that I make a latte with the Woody pattern for them. This was such a heart-warming moment. It made me realise how much I’ve had affected people’s lives with latte art.

Seeing the family enjoy my latte art makes we determined to share the joy and happiness of my designs with as many people as possible. So, now it’s the time to show you how to create my Sheriff Woody.

This pattern is not as complicated as it looks. All it takes, is the drawing of four simple leaves. The other parts include fine lines made with an etching pen. As I always say, if you can draw, you can pour.

My favourite part in this pattern is the depiction of Woody’s fingers, but the most important parts are his eyes and trademark smile. He has always maintained a firm belief to be brave, kind, and confident. This inspired me, and I want to pass on that same belief to others. I hope to encourage more baristas to participate in future coffee competitions to maintain a firm faith and bravery in themselves.

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Amy Zhang’s Mr. Sheriff Woody

Step 1

Starting with the cup handle at 12 o‘clock, build your base. In line with the cup handle, pour one rosetta with seven leaves and cut inside from bottom to top. This forms Woody’s hair at the back of his head.

Step 2

Leaving a gap beside that first rosetta and with the handle in the same position, pour the second four-leaf rosetta to create the hair on the temple of Woody’s head. Make sure the top of the sideburns is the same height as the first rosetta.

Step 3

Turn the cup handle clockwise to four o’clock. Create the edge of the cowboy cap with a seven-leaf rosetta, then continue the movement and draw a C-shaped curving line. Stop at the top of his hair.

Step 4

Turn the cup handle to two o’clock. At the bottom of the cup closest to you, pour the last four-leaf rosetta to create Woody’s sleeve.

Step 5

Turn the cup handle to three o’clock. Pour out all the milk foam left in your pouring jug and get the etching pen ready.

Step 6

Apply a bit of milk foam to the etching pen and draw a line at the beginning of the third rosetta. Begin pouring upwards, to the right, then downwards, drawing a fine line to create the cowboy’s tip of the cap. Connect the start line point to draw an opposite C-shaped curving line to create the raised edges on the other side of the hat. Then draw a line between the first line and the third rosetta to perfect the top of the hat. Draw a continuous line from the point where the forehead is connected to the hat, from nose, to mouth, to chin, to ear. The key to creating Woody’s expression is to make sure the nose and the corner of the mouth are in a right angle.

Step 7

Draw a line from the thumb to the wrist and then to the little finger. Use your etching tool to outline the hand. On the right side of the little finger, start with dots of milk then draw a line from the bottom upwards to form the fingers.

Step 8

Clean the etching pen after each finger drawn. Finish your design by drawing a few circle shapes to highlight Woody’s eyes.

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