Mtc Group announces arrival of Indonesian coffee from Marselina Walu

MTC Group

Specialty coffee trader Mtc Group has announced that the coffee of producer Marselina Walu, from Flores, Indonesia has arrived in Australia.

Marselina is a farmer, Q Grader, Chair of the Kagho Masa Cooperative, and Mtc Quality Analysis Lab Manager.

In November, Mtc Group travelled across Australia with Marselina to discuss how roasters and cafés can tackle the obstacles women in coffee face, and the ways the gender gap can be closed through supply chain development.

The Mtc Group says these new lots are a result of Marselina’s direct oversight in selecting deliveries from her and her neighbours’ small farms in Bela, Tolo Roja, and Mala Tura, Indonesia.

Each farmer typically pulps, ferments, and washes their own coffee prior to delivering wet-parchment to the community solar-drying house opposite the cooperative office. Marselina and her team take over the drying and quality analysis before approving the lot for shipment.

Through education and training, Marselina hopes to empower other women in leadership positions and help put Flores on the specialty coffee scene.

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