Mugshot Espresso Bar

Just as its name suggests, Mugshot Espresso Bar gets its character from the wonderful collection of portrait shots featured on its walls.

Courtney Sains started Mugshot Espresso Bar in December 2013. Taking over from previous owners, Courtney made her own mark on the café with changes to the menu and interior, which included adding a large menu board made from window frames.

“It’s an old fashioned, retro style café with lots of personality, a funky vibe, and a relaxed atmosphere,” says Courtney.

Adding to its character, Mugshot Espresso Bar uses Mocopan Coffee’s Roast 54 on its three-group Nuova Simonelli machine.

“I went through a few different coffees until I settled on this one. A lot of cafés in Fremantle use weak blends, but I prefer stronger blends that have well balanced dark chocolate notes. So far I’m the only coffee shop in Fremantle using Mocopan’s Roast 54,” says Courtney. “It’s got dark, rich, earthy tones with a delicious smoky finish.”

Roast 54 combines beans from Indonesia, Colombia, Papua New Guinea, and Ethiopia. “Our customers really like it. It cuts through milk-based coffees as well as black,” says Courtney.

Mugshot Espresso Bar also serves a single origin from Mocopan Coffee through cold drip. On the menu customers will find a tempting all-day breakfast with a focus on gluten-free products and health food options. Everything on the menu can be made as a vegetarian option. Café favourites includes a three-egg omelette, homemade roasted muesli, yoghurt and mixed berry coulis. For lunch, it’s hard to go past the range of fresh rolls and salads, while sweets and desserts are a great accompaniment to any coffee.

Courtney made her entry into the hospitality scene when she was 15, and has worked in the industry ever since. “I’ve pretty much worked in every café and restaurant business in Fremantle over the years, but I particularly like café settings because they are that bit more relaxed,” she says. “I love going to work knowing I’m my own boss, and if I have an idea I can execute it the way I like.”

A young team of wait staff and baristas are at the heart of the café that make it tick each day. “We’re all under 25 years of age and we enjoy working in such a fun and fresh environment,” Courtney says. “We may be young, but we all have extensive hospitality experience.”

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