My Coffee Counts explains how it transforms coffee loyalty into charitable donations

My Coffee Counts

With inflation soaring, interest rates rising, and a recession looming, My Coffee Counts understands that small businesses owners and charities could do with a boost.

“They’re really doing it tough,” says My Coffee Counts Chief Advocate Officer Kieran Westlake. “That’s why we’re working to change the game, not only for the hospitality industry, but also for charities across Australia.”

With its digital loyalty platform, My Coffee Counts is able to transform coffee loyalty into charitable donations for local communities and organisations, as well as help restaurants and cafés reduce costs and thrive in a challenging financial environment.

Free to download for coffee-lovers and businesses alike, the MyCC app represents a unique platform on which Australians can harness their love of coffee for the greater good.

“Through MyCC, business owners can provide customers with direct online access to their products and offers, enabling both digital engagement and the opportunity to integrate a valuable charitable giving program directly supporting community needs,” says Kieran.

My Coffee Counts has worked hard to ensure the platform is user friendly for both businesses and customers. When customers reach their loyalty reward, they have the option to take their free coffee, or elect for the shop to donate its value to support a local community-based charity. Alternatively, cafés without an official loyalty program are able to remove the ‘free coffee’ functionality in favour of an automatic donation based on customer loyalty and repeat patronage.

“We’re proud to partner with a number of Australia’s most beloved charities, including the Surf Life Saving Foundation. With over 181,000 surf lifesaver members, they’re always there for us, providing a vital community service,” Kieran says.

The company also supports the Community Living Association (CLA) which has been operating and providing services in Australia since 1987.

“CLA manages a range of programs that provide support, create opportunities, and promote independence for people with disability and the young at risk. We love the work they do with families, and those with mental health issues and cognitive disabilities,” Kieran says.

“We deliberately selected established charity partners with a network of associated, grass roots community groups to benefit from this endeavour. These are charities focused on local people and local issues. Those without big marketing budgets, often achieving significant local impact in spite of limited resources.”

According to Kieran, My Coffee Counts’ influence is not just felt locally. It also engages with a global network of impact providers, dealing directly with coffee communities at origin to provide funding that enables businesses, community programs, and ultimately, the sustainable support of families.

“Through such engagement, we’re effectively empowering communities to learn and become independent, while ensuring the cycle of poverty doesn’t transcend generations,” says Kieran.

“This sense of connection between all participants of the coffee supply chain not only reflects how consumers feel about their coffee, but also ensures that long term sustainability, profitability, and charitable outcomes can be achieved.”

My Coffee Counts is calling on all coffee-lovers to download the app and help spread the word by sharing it with their favourite baristas the next time they order.

“We’re working to change the way we all think about loyalty, and in the process, we’re hoping that our local businesses, and our communities, can benefit greatly,” Kieran says.

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