Naked Syrups discusses its dessert sauce range

Naked Syrups

Complete beverage brand Naked Syrups is helping cafés expand their beverage repertoire with a new suite of products that proves there’s more to flavouring than meets the eye.

Whether consumers want to add a splash of flavour to their latte, sweeten home-made hot chocolates, or concoct specialty teas and frappes, Naked Syrups’ Sales Manager Vince Monardo says the company’s beverage range is up for the task.

“It was important to us to release a wide variety of high-quality beverage flavourings, powders and sweet sauces that customers can add to their menu,” says Vince.

“While there has been an evolution of boutique bakers and coffees, we felt there was a need for further flavouring options on the market, so we wanted to create a product range that would complement the Australian café market.”

Working with natural ingredients, Vince says each product in the Australian-made range is meticulously crafted in single batches, ready to be used across a café menu including its flavoured syrups.

“They’re remarkably versatile and have the potential to add extra depth to a number of common dishes we all love to indulge in regularly,” he says.

“They’re not just a syrup, they’re a staple pantry ingredient, and a great way to get the most out of your purchase.”

As such, Naked Syrups is launching its new dessert range of sauces, available in three flavours: Wild Strawberry, Chocolate, and Salty Caramel.

“We wanted an authentic, old school flavour profile with a nostalgic feel to take you back to your childhood flavours,” says Vince.

“We didn’t just want standard chocolate, strawberry and cameral sauces. We came up with wild strawberry that tastes like it’s been picked straight from the farm, salted cameral that combines those slight salty tones with rich, creamy, butter caramel tones, and a chocolate sauce that incorporates real chocolate powder.”

Featuring a thicker consistency than liquid-flavoured products, Naked Syrups’ new dessert range can be used atop whipped cream or blended into sweet frappes. Customers can also mix them into milkshakes or smoothies or use them to garnish ice cream, sundaes, cheesecakes, or pastries.

The dessert sauces are available in easy-to-use bottles with compatible pumps for quick and simple dispensing.

“Our products are probably more concentrated than some, so a little goes a long way to make a high-quality shake or add that extra flavour to an ice-cream sundae,” says Vince.

“Our goal is to make sure our customers are aware that we don’t sell sickly sweet flavourings that mask the flavour of their beverage.

“Our flavourings have been designed to be a secondary flavour and not overpower. For example, when used with coffee, the coffee will always be the hero ingredient, which is what our customers like about the product.”

Each dessert sauce flavour is gluten-free, with no added artificial colours or flavours.

Naked Syrups’ products are Australian-made and a range of Vegan Australia Certified.

“That versatility of offering vegan-friendly flavourings, powder and sweet sauce options, as well as lacto-ovo vegetarian options is really important to us. We cater for those who prefer alternative milks or are lactose-intolerant,” Vince says.

One coffee roaster that appreciates that versatility is White Horse Coffee.

Dom Majdandzic, Head of Coffee at White Horse Coffee, has worked with Naked Syrups and its products for five years. He says the company uses Naked Syrups’ beverage flavourings as a new twist for cafés to improve coffee service and spice-up their menu.

“We use Naked Syrups across our family stores and offer it to our wholesale partners because we believe in the quality of the product,” says Dom.

“There are virtually no artificial flavours in the syrup, it’s tasty and doesn’t upset your stomach.”

White Horse Coffee incorporates the flavourings into its shakes, coffees, and odd dessert, in particular the caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut syrups.

Dom says the flavourings lend indulgence and personalisation to a drink, transforming it from a functional beverage to a tasty treat.

“They make our coffee shine, and our guests smile. In our experience, caramel is the crowd favourite, because its silky sweet and that’s what people love,” he says.

Dom adds that he’s also enjoyed partnering with Naked Syrups due to aligning values, such as dedication to flavour, celebration of natural ingredients, and a commitment to beverage customisation.

“We have known Vince [Naked Syrups Sales Manager] for almost 20 years from working in the hospitality industry, and he has always been an honest person who represents authentic, wholesome brands.”

Even throughout White Horse Coffee’s five-year partnership with Naked Syrups, Dom says he’s always valued the great service Vince has provided and the consistency and reliability of products.

“We don’t have to question the quality. Once we were comfortable with the quality of the product, we have never seen it waiver,” Dom says.In the Naked Syrups range is also a suite of easy-to-use beverage powders with flavours including spiced chai, chocolate, light chocolate, turmeric, matcha, beetroot and frappe base.

Also designed to enhance a café’s beverage menu is its flavouring range, with flavours that Vince says have been formulated to deliver a delicious taste. This includes flavours of hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, chai concentrate, strawberry, gingerbread, lemonade, and liquid sugar.

Vince says the possibilities for delicious creations are limited only by the imagination.

“Whether you love thick, sticky dessert sauce dribbled over your thick shakes, iced drinks, and ice creams or warm, runny sauce covered over your freshly baked cakes, waffles or pancakes, Naked Syrups dessert sauces are versatile and delicious both hot or cold and can be used across your menu for multiple options throughout the year,” he says.

“If you want to bake hazelnut muffins, you can use our hazelnut syrup in the batter. If you want to make a lemon iced tea you can use our lemonade syrup.

“We also bring to our customers a brand with big personality that enjoys a cheeky play on words, a brand that’s bold and speaks the truth.”

Vince says incorporating playful branding like its title and their tagline “we’re not afraid to get bear Naked” is what draws customers in and makes the company stand out from the crowd.

“First and foremost, that cheeky play on words engages consumers right away. Once they see not only the extensive range of flavourings, powders and sauces we have to offer, and that we cater for all dietary requirements, it shows customers we’re not just a gimmick,” he says.

“It’s great to have that brand acknowledgment when we see people post about our products or overhear someone compliment the brand. Watching it grow and become more recognised is a big accomplishment for us.”

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