Naked Syrups discusses its partnership-focused approach

Naked Syrups

Complete beverage brand Naked Syrups discusses its partnership-focused approach and how it offers a suite of products to complete any café menu.

Whether consumers want to add depth to common dishes or versatility to their hot or cold beverage, Australian beverage flavouring company Naked Syrups is making its mark by offering a one stop shop for beverage flavourings, powders, and sauces.

Naked Syrups Business Development Manager, Ryan Kalatzis, says the company is a partnership-focused brand that kindles genuine relationships with its clients.

“Naked Syrups is passionate about providing products that resonate deeply with the industry, that keeps up with modern industry trends and has a solution for anywhere that trend could lead,” Ryan says.

“One thing I like to say to customers and prospective clients to give them an understanding of our one stop shop offering is, ‘if you think of the shelf behind the counter in a café where all of the beverage flavouring bottles and bags sit – if that shelf were to tip over, everything that hits the floor, we supply’.”

Ryan says another string in the company’s bow is its commitment to being Vegan Australia Certified, which places it in a unique position, one where it can stand out.

“Our brand is unique as our beverage flavourings, powders, and sweet sauces are natural with no artificial colours or flavours, are gluten-free, Australian-made, and Vegan Australia Certified,” says Ryan.

“Our flavourings have been designed to be a secondary flavour and not sickly-sweet and overpowering. For example, when used with coffee, the coffee will always be the hero, which is what our customers like about the product.”

Ryan adds that Naked Syrups is also committed to the Australian market, which is what drives its passion.

“We’re proud of the fact that we’re an Australian company with all Australian- made products. So being able to offer that within the coffee industry is something that we see as a huge bonus for our customers,” he says.

Customers first

Ryan says supporting Australian businesses by fostering meaningful relationships and providing a memorable customer service experience is at the core of Naked Syrups’ business ethos.

“We understand that within our industry, every business is unique and as such, their requirements will differ. We take a no one shoe fits all approach. From the get-go, we sit down and talk with our customers to understand who they are, their requirements, and how we can best support them as a supplier partner,” says Ryan.

“With each individual customer, we understand that their requirements for stock will differ. We don’t have the same minimum order quantity for everyone. We work together with the customer to find a quantity that will suit them and their business.”

Ryan says the company doesn’t focus on its customers as merely a transaction but offers a tailored service to each customer and ensures they are looked after by an account manager.

“Due to the fast-paced nature of the foodservice industry, we ensure customers always have their stock in a timely matter. We offer a simple ordering experience and offer next-day dispatch on all orders,” he says.

Ryan says each flavouring has been specially formulated to deliver each customer a delicious final product and to mix evenly through every sip or bite.

“Naked Syrups is constantly monitoring what’s trending in the industry so itvcan continue to offer a complete menu experience to our customers,” says Ryan.

“The company supports its partners with menu development, building recipes and products that align with the new fascinating directions the industry is heading in.”

“We’re always trying to stay ahead of the game and keep our finger on the pulse,” Ryan says.

According to Ryan, “Naked Syrups is not another wholesaler. It’s a way to connect human to human in the industry, through a passion for natural flavours and Vegan Australian Certified products.”

“Our range of natural flavours and colours has become a must-have for café goers,” he says.

“Naked Syrups is setting a new standard in the industry, and it’s just the beginning of what’s to come.”

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