Naked Syrups discusses smarter ways to increase profit margins

Naked Syrups

Naked Syrups discusses how to find smarter ways to increase profit margins without sacrificing on quality output.

Premium beverage brand Naked Syrups says the café industry is reaping the benefits of giving customers myriad menu options — whether that’s a nitro cold brew or beetroot latte.

According to Sales Manager Vince Monardo, Naked Syrups is a prime example of how diversifying menu offerings can add a point of difference to a business and build a strong customer following.

“The whole purpose of the Naked Syrups range of flavourings, syrups, powders, and sauces is to be able to utilise them across café menus for multiple beverage applications throughout the year,” says Vince.

“Take our Chocolate Powder for example. You can use it to make a hot chocolate or chocolate frappe, as well as to make a lava cake or brownie. Our Matcha Powder can be used hot or cold, to make a matcha latte or an iced matcha latte.

“We also offer a Neutral Frappe Base Powder, which acts as a stabiliser and is designed to be an all-round beverage base for all kinds of drinks, bringing out flavour and adding texture. It can be used on all cold beverages, frappes, fruit smoothies and shakes.”

Vince says a strong selection of menu items is a key tool for increasing spend per customer. Adding on syrups and powders not only generates more revenue, but it offers something extra for consumers.

“It keeps people interested and increases your bottom line. Ten years ago, there were only three or four milks on offer. Now, you’ve got every option under the sun purely because of alternative milks. Customers want choice, so cafés have got to give them that by offering products to pair with alternative milks. If a consumer wants a mocha frappe with oat milk, cafés can provide that option,” says Vince.

“This can turn a $4 cup of coffee into a $4.70 cup of coffee if you give customers the option to have caramel in their latte. Not everyone’s going to take it, but there’s a big percentage of people that want something in their coffee. It’s just about finding smarter ways to increase profits without sacrificing quality.”

The Naked Syrups range of flavourings are Australian-made and vegan-friendly, made with high quality ingredients and crafted using natural flavours and colours. Each has been specially formulated to deliver flavour and mix evenly in cold or hot beverages.

“That’s really the beauty of our flavourings, because it’s a secondary flavour that complements the coffee, providing the perfect balance of flavour and sweetness in every beverage. Whether you use our Spiced Chai Latte Powder or Turmeric Powder, the flavour remains true to the product,” says Vince.

Vince has many examples of how beverage powders can be turned into tasty, eye-catching recipes to add to any beverage menu.

“A popular product consumers enjoy is a red velvet latte. With 20 grams of Chocolate Powder, five grams of Beetroot Powder and your favourite milk blended together, it’s a great way of giving people something a bit different that they wouldn’t have every day. It adds extra value to a hot chocolate, taking it from $4 to $5,” Vince says.

“Another great idea is adding our Tumeric Powder with coconut milk, creating a turmeric bounty. It’s such a simple concept, but in today’s market, especially with all the alternative milks, there’s so many options you can make out there.”

It’s that simplicity that Vince believes keeps consumers coming back and aligns with the brand’s identity.

“We keep it simple with effective packaging and premium ingredients. We’re Vegan Australia certified across 95 per cent of our products and gluten free across the whole range. We want to be as transparent as possible, hence the ‘nakedness’ of it all,” he says.

The Naked Syrups range will be on display at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) at The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 27 to 30 September.

“As we approach the warmer months, we will be showcasing chilled products such as gingerbread and orange soda, old school lemonade, and strawberry iced tea. The kind of classic products every café needs, which can add a variety of options to a menu and increase profitability,” Vince says.

“We may even bring out our unicorn lemonade, which combines our lemonade with Butterfly Pea Tea Flower. When a reacts with the lemon citrus, it actually changes to a purple colour.”

Vince says it’s important for Naked Syrups to showcase these products to demonstrate how easy it is to expand a café’s beverage repertoire.

“If you’ve got items in your store like fresh tea bags or loose-leaf tea, why not add extra flare and make something like a strawberry or lemon iced tea? Most cafés offer sparkling or mineral water, why not make an old school lemonade, or a strawberry and basil soda? We want to show people how easy it is to do. Nothing should take more than 45 seconds to make,” he says.

Vince adds that Naked Syrups is always looking for ways to further increase consumer offerings, and that customers should keep an eye out for more Naked Syrups products.

“Our products can be used across your menu all year round, limited only by your imagination. It gives consumers another reason to walk through your door and make that purchase. And it future proofs your business, ensuring that it stays competitive even as customers’ expectations change,” Vince says.

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