Naked Syrups explains how its range of flavourings can help cafés boost sales

Naked Syrups

Naked Syrups explains how its range of flavourings can help cafés boost sales and stand out.

The new season can provide an exciting opportunity for cafés to make a name for themselves, and according to flavour developer Naked Syrups, it’s all possible with the company’s range of flavourings.

Naked Syrups Business Development Executive Angadh Oberoi says the company’s products are designed with enough versatility to be enjoyed in warmer and colder applications, in not only the beverage space but across an entire menu.

“[The range] is not just for adding to a hot chocolate or a coffee,” he says. “You can do anything, from sodas, frappes, freshly brewed ice teas, even bake muffins.

“Versatility has always been a strong philosophy of ours.”

Naked Syrups gives customers the capacity to create any menu item. Angadh says its lemon, gingerbread and strawberry flavourings are perfect for helping make freshly brewed iced teas or sodas.

“The range gives you the flexibility of mixing and matching flavours using what you have on hand in store,” he says. “[Sodas and teas] share the same flavouring, but there are different recommendations for each.”

For summer menus, Angadh says the milkshake is one of the staples of the season, as kids of all ages can enjoy its nostalgic taste.

Naked Syrups has four dedicated milkshake sauces: chocolate, salty caramel, wild strawberry, and the newly introduced white chocolate.

“We launched the white chocolate flavour at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo this year,” Angadh says. “It’s a bit different to your traditional vanilla shake.”

Angadh says that like the company’s other flavourings, the white chocolate is expected to become a favourite across all seasons.

“I’ve seen a few places use it to make white chocolate matchas, but we’re looking forward to seeing the white chocolate milkshakes come to life too in the summertime,” he says.

With each of its flavour offerings, Naked Syrups hope customers can reimagine the classic milkshake while staying true to what made them so popular.

“The shake range brings you back to your childhood where balance meets flavour,” Angadh says. “Our strawberry is a bit more sophisticated, while the chocolate and salty caramel are more what people are used to.”

Touching on nostalgia has become a focus for the company with its range.

“We all grow up drinking milkshakes, and so we’re trying to appeal to that feeling for the older generation while also providing something that’s accessible for the kids too,” says Angadh.

Angadh says expanding to frappes as an additional service alongside milkshakes is a no-brainer.

Naked Syrups’ frappe base serves as a foundation point for customers looking to recreate the popular drink.

“You can mix it up with our chocolate and beetroot powders for a red velvet frappe, or even create a matcha vanilla slice frappe with our vanilla syrup, as well by adding one more item and using items that you already have in store, like plant-based milks, and other additions,” he says.

The Naked Syrups’ team encourages customers to experiment with different flavour opportunities and combinations across the menu, something that the team has done with drinks and baked goods.

“For frappes, one flavour that we’ve found has worked well was the turmeric bounty.

It has a frappe base, turmeric powder, and coconut milk,” Angadh says. “With the turmeric, it even has that added health kick.

“Another option that’s a bit naughtier is the chocolate nut baclava, with the frappe base, chocolate powder and hazelnut syrup and a few shortbread biscuits.”

Angadh adds there are no limits when it comes to recipe possibilities. While the team is available to help guide customers towards new ideas, much of the creative liberty lies with the user.

This is because the company encourages every café to try new possibilities to help it stand out in a competitive market, and to increase summer sales.

Regardless of which combination is picked from the soda, tea, milkshake or frappe flavours, Angadh says having this versatility is a weapon for cafés looking to take advantage of the warmer months.

“Our flavours are giving customers a point of difference,” he says. “You need to do something different to stand out from the crowd.”

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