Naked Syrups joins Australia’s Richest Barista as flavour sponsor

naked syrups

Naked Syrups will once again sponsor the Australia’s Richest Barista competition at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, taking place from 12 to 14 May.

“We’re buzzing with excitement about the opportunity to flaunt our premium products to an enthusiastic and influential audience within the coffee industry during the Australia’s Richest Barista competition,” says Naked Syrups Sales Manager Vince Monardo. “It’s a chance to let our flavours shine.”

The first round of the competition will see competitors make three sets of drinks: two espressos, two milk-based drinks, and two signature drinks that must incorporate at least one of Naked Syrups’ flavour options. The final product can be any kind of coffee based drink, hot or cold, as long as it has a Naked Syrups twist.

“Engaging in the competition is an exhilarating journey for those who thrive on crafting new and exciting beverage concepts,” Vince says.

Vince adds that the competition serves as a great platform for the brand to connect with leading figures in the café industry, from baristas to café owners.

“It’s an arena where creativity takes centre stage, offering baristas a platform to push boundaries, innovate with flavours, and showcase their ability to transform coffee into extraordinary experiences,” he says.

Competitors are encouraged to begin experimenting with Naked Syrups’ products before settling on a final signature drink that will catch the attention of the judges.

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