Nespresso announces shared recycling scheme

Nespresso Australia has announced it is inviting other aluminium portioned coffee manufacturers to participate in its Australian recycling scheme on 4 December.

“Sustainability underpins everything we do at Nespresso. Engaging other manufacturers is an important step in our wider sustainability efforts as we work towards a carbon neutral and waste-free future,” says Jean-Marc Drago, General Manager Oceania at Nespresso.

Nespresso sources 94 per cent of its coffee through its AAA Sustainable Quality program and launched its local recycling scheme in 2010. Under the scheme Nespresso’s residential and business customers can use its facilities to recycle their aluminium coffee capsules.

“Public recycling infrastructure in Australia cannot process small light items. That is why we proactively set up our own dedicated scheme with a purpose-built facility in Nowra, New South Wales, and developed four options for recycling used aluminium capsules,” says Marta Fernandes, Technical and Quality Manager at Nespresso Australia.

According to Nespresso’s research, 92 per cent of its customers worldwide have access to its recycling capsules.

“There are now over 20,000 recycling drop-off points around Australia, from Nespresso Boutiques, to local participating florists, Australia Post boxes as well as the bulk recycling kit option for businesses and community groups,” Marta says.

The announcement is in line with Nespresso’s global 2020 Positive Cup strategy.

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