Nespresso launches coffee capsule Recycling Rewards pilot

Recycling Rewards

Nespresso has launched a new Recycling Rewards scheme, offering consumers incentives to recycle their used aluminium coffee capsules at Nespresso boutiques.

From 16 to 30 June, anyone who returns a full bag of 100 used aluminium coffee capsules of any kind to a Nespresso Boutique can receive a free gift in return.

Rewards include a free sleeve of Nespresso coffee, a notebook made with recycled coffee grounds, and a beach towel. To claim their gift, participants must register their recycling via a QR code in store.

“Over the last decade, our recycling program has evolved to ensure convenient access to every customer in Australia, with multiple channels for involvement. Now, we are exploring new ways to accelerate participation, starting with [Nespresso] boutiques,” says Jean-Marc Dragoli, General Manager at Nespresso Oceania.

“The Recycling Rewards trial is part of a broader strategy which seeks to better understand recycling behaviour, raise awareness of and engagement with our recycling program, and give more aluminium coffee capsules a second life.”

The two-month trial is part of Nespresso’s commitment to creating a sustainable, circular coffee economy. It aims to accelerate participation in the company’s coffee capsule recycling program while gathering valuable insights into whether incentives have a role to play in driving recycling behaviour in the future.

Once returned to Nespresso, used capsules are taken to a dedicated recycling facility in New South Wales where the coffee grounds and aluminium are separated. The recovered coffee grounds are sent to another local facility and used as soil in landscaping applications or compost. The aluminium component of the capsule is compacted and sent for smelting and refining. Aluminium is recyclable and can be used to make a range of products from bicycles to mechanical pencils.

The Recycling Rewards trial is boutique-based only, however Nespresso’s broader recycling program currently offers three additional ways for customers to recycle, including dropping capsules off at a participating collection point, posting capsules back to Nespresso using a special Australia Post satchel, and the option to participate in a bulk recycling collection initiative where workplaces or community locations can become a recycling point.

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