Nespresso launches range of Australian-designed coffees


Nespresso has launched two new coffee blends inspired by Australia’s coffee preferences.

Bianco Piccolo and Bianco Doppio join the existing Bianco Forte blend to complete Nespresso’s Barista Creations for Milk range for Vertuo, which are designed to bring the coffee shop experience home.

“We wanted to develop a new global range of cafe-quality coffees specifically for milk, with a velvety texture that could push through the milk to deliver an exceptionally smooth beverage,” Nespresso’s Coffee Ambassador Mitch Monaghan.

“Australia has a unique cafe culture which is largely anchored in milk coffees; our research revealed 91 per cent of the country’s coffee-drinkers opt for milk in their go-to coffee order, so it made sense to take inspiration from the coffee notes and flavours that work well locally”.

During a two-year product development process, Nespresso delved into the latest local consumer insights to identify the most popular Australian tasting profile, curating and testing hundreds of blends from different origins with milk to form Bianco Piccolo and Bianco Doppio.

“High intensity coffees are very popular in Australia because they retain their strength and depth of flavour when paired with milk. You can achieve this complexity of flavour partly by blending coffees from different origins from around the world, which is why Bianco Piccolo uses Arabicas from as many as four countries,” says Mitch.

Nespresso research reveals as many as 29 per cent of Australian coffee drinkers now choose to add plant-based milk to their coffee at least some of the time. Catering to this shift, Bianco Piccolo has been crafted with lower acidity to facilitate smooth pairing with plant-based milks and prevent splitting, while all coffees in the range have been designed to provide the perfect balance of strength and sweetness when matched with dairy milk.

To complement the Barista Creations with Milk coffees, Nespresso has launched the Aeroccino4, an updated version of its milk frother with technology designed to elevate milk preparations. The pointed spout, ergonomic handle and multiple hot and cold froth settings give budding baristas complete pouring control for coffees with a café-finish.

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