Nestlé massive Pythagorean wooden instrument for Christmas

Nestlé has constructed a massive wooden Pythagorean musical instrument that plays Christmas songs in Tokyo, Japan.

The instrument serves as part of the Nescafé Gold Blend Barista i Coffee Moment Ensemble, and will remain up until 25 December.

The Pythagorean instrument is designed as a massive coffee mug that measures roughly 3.5 metres in height and 3 metres in width.

To active the instrument, a wooden ball is released from the top into a staircase-shaped maze that plays Christmas songs as it rolls downwards, striking the tuned xylophone steps on its way.

A different melody plays each day, which includes well-known Christmas songs We wish you a Merry Christmas, Joy to the World, and Winter Wonderland.

Unveiled on 12 December, the contraption consists of 180 xylophone keys and 1450 individual parts.

Its construction required approximately five months and utilised laser machining as well as a number of other cutting-edge technologies.

To see the instrument in action below.

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