Nestlé Professional explains how it creates precious moments for Buondi coffee drinkers

Nestlé Professional

Nestlé Professional explains how it uses more than 30 years of experience to create precious moments for all Buondi coffee drinkers.

Nestlé Professional has introduced a new look for its Buondi roasted coffee beans in Australia, featuring a modern brand design that reflects the country’s ever- evolving coffee culture.

The updated Buondi brand is tailored for Australian consumers who frequent pubs, clubs and cafés, and aims to enhance the coffee drinking experience in these locations.

The brand philosophy is based on the concept of “Crafted for Now,” which emphasises the importance of connecting with a specific mood and life moment. It is built on the belief that individuals deserve experiences and occasions that are enhanced by the enjoyment of good coffee.

“Buondi drinkers lead a busy life,” says Jo Yuen, Nestlé Professional National Barista.

“Between work and family commitments, they want to make the most of their leisure time, which often includes out of home food and dining experiences.”

Whether it’s a smooth espresso after dinner at the pub, or an early afternoon cappuccino at a café catching up with friends, Jo says it’s important to make these moments count.

“Alongside great food and beverages, a good coffee can complement an experience and positively influence a person’s perception of the venue. An enhanced coffee offering can also encourage customers to stay longer at venues, providing additional revenue opportunities for pubs and clubs,” Jo says.

The finest beans from all over the world are sourced for each of the three coffee blends in the Buondi range, which Nestlé Professional roasts and blends in Gympie, Queensland, to suit the Australian palate and lifestyle. Jo says each of [Buondi’s] three blends are versatile and produce great tasting coffee, with or without milk.

The Dark Spark and Steady State blends contain 100 per cent Rainforest Alliance Certified (RFA) beans. The Complex Soul contains 90 per cent RFA Certified beans.

Nestlé Professional showcased these blends at its annual Buondi Barista Competition aboard the Pacific Adventure P&O Cruises ship. Six professional baristas from around Australia took part in a skill- based competition using the Buondi Dark Spark blend.

“Dark Spark is the coffee of choice on board P&O Cruises, and it is increasing in popularity in Australian pubs, clubs and cafés due to its rich roast,” says Jo, who was the barista trainer and judge for the event.

The judges critiqued the competitors on technical ability, cleanliness, self-conduct, and creative latte art.

Gilbert Mapa, a bar waiter at NZN Ice Cream & Coffee Bar won the event and title of ‘Pacific Adventure’s Champion Barista’. Michelle Fernandez, a bartender at Charlie’s Barplaced runner-up.

Speaking for the judging panel, Jo says all baristas from venues located onboard the Pacific Adventure ship did an incredible job regarding their skills, knowledge, and versatility in using the blend.

“It was clear that the baristas were experts in their fields, showcasing the versatility of Dark Spark,” Jo says.

The Buondi Good Day Out Festival was another opportunity to connect customers to the Buondi range. The family festival took place on 2 April at the Wallarah Bay Recreation Club in New South Wales, with attendees surrounded by scenic water views, live acoustic tunes, and served fresh cups of Buondi’s Complex Soul blend.

“With milk, Complex Soul brings out a delicate sweetness, and in a black cup you can taste the nutty and fruity notes,” Jo says.

Lucas Laird, Executive Chef of Dish Group, says more than 300 patrons attended the festival at Wallarah Bay Recreation Club during the breakfast period – a time that’s usually very quiet for the venue.

“Coffee lovers were able to take the time to step back and hit pause while they enjoyed their unique coffee moments, with attendees commenting, ‘it’s been awesome. I think they should do it every week,’ and, ‘the event was nice and relaxed, enjoying a coffee and some breakfast’,” Lucas says.

Nestlé Professional has provided pubs, clubs, and cafés with food and beverage solutions for more than 30 years.

Jo says events such as the Pacific Adventure P&O Cruises ship competition and Buondi Good Day Out Festival brings to life the unique coffee moments Buondi is created for, and was a great way to support Nestlé Professional’s customers.

“Our ambition is for Buondi to be the coffee of choice in Australian pubs, clubs, and cafés, and this is only possible through true partnership,” Jo says.

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