Nestlé Professional invests $2.5m for recyclable Hot Chockee cups

Nestlé Professional

Nestlé Professional has invested $2.5 million in its Smithtown factory in New South Wales to bolster local manufacturing and support collaborative product developments.

The investment includes a new production line at the factory, which is responsible for producing popular Nestlé brands such as Milo and Nesquik.

One of the biggest developments to come from the investment is the new recyclable Hot Chockee cup. Nestlé Professional has partnered with 7-Eleven to develop a cup that includes the label and foil seal, which can now be accepted through kerbside recycling. This development is expected to save up to 95 tonnes of waste from entering landfill each year.

“The recent investment into the Smithtown factory has allowed us to collaborate on exciting new packaging solutions, like the Hot Chockee cup,” says Kristina Czepl, Nestlé Professional Oceania General Manager.

“It is a great example of working with like-minded partners to pioneer alternative materials to facilitate better recycling. The investment will also see the factory produce up to 4.7 million cups of Hot Chockee over the next 12 months.”

The investment in the Smithtown factory is just one of many steps Nestlé is taking to make its packaging more sustainable. The company has set a goal of making 100 per cent of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025.

“We are incredibly proud to continue our partnership with Nestlé Professional and invest in innovative packaging solutions. Our new 7- Eleven Hot Chockee still has the same delicious taste, made and packed in Australia, with approximately 68 per cent of ingredients sourced locally,” says 7-Eleven Head of Sustainability Fiona Baxter.

“This innovation helps both Nestlé and 7-Eleven to continue to work together towards our packaging sustainability targets.”

For more information, visit the Nestlé Professional website.

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