Nestlé Professional launches Milkybar and Aero dessert mixes

Nestlé Professional dessert mixes

Nestlé Professional has launched two new dessert mixes inspired by Nestlé brands Milkybar and Aero. The dessert mixes are intended for chefs, restaurateurs, and foodservice operators to create desserts with a nostalgic twist, adding something extra to menus.

According to Nestlé Professional, from sundaes to milkshakes, ice cream, cakes and mousses, the dessert mixes provide an easy way to offer fun desserts that will entice customers.

“Nostalgia is emerging to be one of the biggest food trends this year. When people are looking to dine out, fun and even sentimental dining experiences can make all the difference. The Milkybar and Aero dessert mixes provide chefs with an easy way to curate special moments for customers,” says Nestlé Professional Executive Chef, Elke Travers.

Using unique ingredients to achieve an aerated result, the Aero dessert mix is inspired by the classic Nestlé Aero chocolate bar and can be used as a chocolate base to create shakes or mousses.

“With a focus on quality and taste, Nestlé Professional’s new iconic dessert mixes were developed to cater to the needs of Australian chefs, restaurateurs, and foodservice operators,” says Nestlé Professional Oceania General Manager, Kristina Czepl.

“By including much-loved brands like Milkybar and Aero on a menu, venues have a unique opportunity to increase interest in dessert offerings, simply by utilising these trusted brands.”

Both Milkybar and Aero dessert mixes are gluten free with no added colours or flavours.

For Nestlé Professional’s recipe suggestions, click here.

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