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Bureaux Collective puts the spotlight on Kogi Coffee

From the April 2017 issue.

Bureaux Collective will highlight the Kogi tribe of indigenous people and their wild coffee growing practises in an evening presentation 27 April.

The event in Cremorne, Victoria from 6.30pm to 9.30pm will host Diana and Lorenzo, Australian importers and distributors of Kogi Coffee, to educate guests on the Kogi tribe which grows coffee in relatively isolated conditions in the high mountains of Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region. 

A documentary screening about the Kogi people and their unique coffee producing community will also be shown. 

Guided by a belief system that compels them to look after the earth, the Kogi people have developed a close symbiotic relationship with their environment. Today, this community of around 20,000 continues to exercise their ancestral culture and sustainable agricultural practices.

Land developments and mining interests now threatens the sacred habitats of the Kogi people. As such, they have started to reach out to the outside world with an urgent message of environmental responsibility.

As a part of this effort, the Kogi tribe has begun to use ancestral practices to foster the growing and processing of wild coffee for export. 

Tickets cost $12.58 and are available from Eventbrite.

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