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Catch up over coffee on R U OK Day

From the September 2017 issue.

In honour of R U OK day on 14 September, Queensland-based roaster Merlo Coffee will host a coffee catch up initiative for two hours.

On the day, customers can buy one coffee and get one free between 2pm and 4pm at all Merlo-owned stores in South East Queensland.

Merlo Coffee is encouraging consumers to make a date with a mate, shout them a free cup of coffee, and talk.

R U OK Day is a national initiative aiming to reduce suicide and improve mental health and well-being in the community by encouraging the community to stay connected through conversation.

“We are 100 per cent behind R U OK Day,” says Merlo Founder Dean Merlo.

“What better way to connect or reconnect with someone – be that a childhood friend or a work colleague – than over coffee. The conversation doesn’t have to be the heavy stuff, sometimes just talking about travel, sport or the kids is enough to ease the stress of life. It’s the conversation that’s the important part. In the time it takes to have a cup of coffee, you could start a conversation that could change a life.”

In case you need a few pointers to get the conversation started, here are Merlo’s conversation starters and matching coffee suggestions:

- Talking sport? An espresso.

The espresso, aka the purist, is the perfect accompaniment for talking all things sport – be it the footy, your tipping competition status, kids sporting updates, yoga, sprint times or Winx’s next race. The espresso is the sip of champions, so it makes sense to accompany sport talk with a short black.

- Talking family? Flat white.

Family talk can be like a rollercoaster ride – amazing highs and a few lows where things may not be going as you’d like, as well some sidewinders and windtunnels. So, go for something straight up – a dependable flattie. 

- Talking relationships? Latte love.

If talking all things love on a coffee catchup, stick to a latte. It’s a little softer, and more forgiving than the other types.

- Talking travel? Affogato.

As a coffee catchup topic, travel is brilliant – it’s inspiring, educative and expansive, and it keeps the conversation going. The perfect coffee choice is the affogato – it’s adventurous, exciting and there’s a real sense of theatre with it. Enjoy, and relax.

- Talking fashion? Caramel latte.

The latest runway looks in Milan, New York and London is a terrific coffee catchup topic. Whether your companion is abestie or a newbie, you can't go past the Caramel Latte. Like a good fashionista, it combines a classic (the latte) with a modern twist (the caramel) and can be served in a whole wardrobe of ways.

- Talking work? Cappuccino.  

Often a coffee catchup is with a work colleague. For this conservation, your go-to is the tried and true, cappuccino. It’s the fashion black of coffees – always in vogue, always looks good and never fails.

Merlo now owns and operates 16 of its own cafes in addition to supplying a freshly roasted coffee to over 1,000 cafes and restaurants around the country. 

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