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Clipp app offers alternative way to pay

From the June 2014 issue.

Clipp Greg Taylor, Stuart Hunter, and Craig Stanford have launched Clipp, an iOS and Android app that allows customers to start, manage and pay their café bar tab using their smartphone.

Clipp allows customers to set up a tab quickly on their phone, without having to leave a credit card behind the bar.

The app, already being used by hundreds of venues across Australia, allows customers to monitor their spending, cap their spending at an amount of their choosing and close their tab when they’re ready to leave, eliminating the need for queuing up at the venue counter.

Clipp is being suggested as a solution to new Pin+Chip regulations governing the handling of credit card transactions. As of 1 August, hospitality venues around the country will have to adhere to the new legislation that will render signatures no longer valid as a method of payment confirmation. This means venues will not be able to charge credit cards if the patron has left without closing off their tab. 

To help hospitality businesses adjust to the new legislation, Clipp’s proprietary technology allows venues to close any Clipp bar tab through their own existing POS software in the event that patrons don’t pay, or forget to.

Bars and pubs across Australia, including The Argyle, Mrs Sippy, The Lobo Plantation, Martin Place Bar, Gin Palace, and Bar Ampere are already using Clipp.

For more information visit the website.

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