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Jessica Martinez wins Toby’s Estate Brew Masters

From the April 2017 issue.

Jessica Martinez from Chile won Toby’s Estate Brew Masters competition on 30 March during Melbourne Coffee Week.

Twelve competitors and a large crowd of supporters gathered at Toby’s Estate Flinders Lane to watch the competition unfold and celebrate the launch of the new Brewguide Acaia app. About 220 people also live-streamed the competition remotely.

Competitors went head to head in the knock-out event. Two-time World Barista Championship finalist Charlotte Malaval set a brew recipe using the Acaia app, and contestants were required to perform a V60 Pour Over brewing replication to get as close as they could to matching the recipe.

Charlotte and Acaia Founder Rex Tseng judged each brew based on aroma, flavour, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance, and the overall tasting qualities.

Jessica was left standing and won herself a La Marzocco Linia Mini and Acaia prize pack. Abednego Laoh of Melissa Cafe in Indonesia was runner up, and Ivan Yapeter, a coffee enthusiast and web developer at Revium placed third. The top three each received Acaia prize packs.

"It was great to see how connected each competitor was to the coffee and the brew recipe,” Rex said. “I’m thrilled to launch the new Brewguide app at MICE. It's designed for roasters and baristas to replicate and mimic brew recipes and share them. Imagine if you get a bag of Indonesian coffee and you don’t know how to brew it. The idea is that via the app, there will be a recipe waiting for you to help match the best flow rate and technique. Users are also given a score and a comparison rating to encourage them to perfect the recipe."

The Brewguide Acaia app launched in Australia, and is expected to be available worldwide soon.

“It’s the first time I’ve used the app and it’s so easy to understand,” Jessica said. “It’s a great tool and makes replicating a recipe so easy and fun.”

Jessica works in a café back in her native Chile, and came to Melbourne with the intention to learn more about specialty coffee.

“I want to learn alot here, then take that knowledge back to Chile and open up my own dream coffee shop,” Jessica said.

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