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Norco 100% Pure Jersey Milk

From the April 2017 issue.

Fresh, whole milk may be an everyday essential, but Norco 100% Pure Jersey Milk is anything but ordinary. Made with 100 per cent jersey milk, cows are free to graze on lush green pastures in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.

Norco 100% Pure Jersey Milk is naturally creamier. Its protein and fat levels give it a superior stretching ability, resulting in rich and velvety foam. This makes for a truly superior milk that is smoother, tastier, and more wholesome. That’s why Norco Pure Jersey Milk was voted the gold medal winner at the 2016 Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) Awards. 

Pure Jersey Milk is proudly produced by Norco, an Australian, farmer-owned dairy co-operative. Norco has been producing quality dairy products for 122 years, with the Norco brand committed to the quality of its products, and the development and sustainability of its farmers.

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