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WCE announces changes to World Coffee Roasting Championship rules

From the April 2017 issue.

World Coffee Events (WCE) have announced new rules and regulations for the Word Coffee Roasting Championship (WCRC).

Announced on 15 April, WCE says the changes have been made after “careful consideration and much hard work from the Rules and Regulations committee”.

The changes focus on increased production flexibility for national competitions, and a clearer and more robust cupping and evaluation procedure, with a new production roast evaluation scoresheet.

The 2017 updates will come into effect at the WCRC, taking place from 12 – 14 December at the Hotelex show in Guangzhou, China.

Such changes include a new Alternative Roasting Competition format for use by national bodies, if they chose, to give greater flexibility in producing the event, while maintaining the core focus of the competition. The specifications for the exact type of roasting machine required for competition have also been made more flexible and easier to source.

Evaluation has been made more rigorous and directed, starting with the specification of the desired qualities of the World Coffee Roasting Champion. WCE says they should be someone who produces the best quality roast with the coffee provided, demonstrates the ability to evaluate green and roasted coffee, use and master roasting equipment, develop a roast to meet a planned taste, and can accurately describe the final roasted product as defined in their roast plan.

Roast evaluation has also been updated based on protocols developed by the Roasters Guild, giving much greater specificity to the cupping and scoring process. This includes a complete cupping protocol specification, and overhauled production roast scoring based on the key aspects of roast development. Scoring of quakers and roasting defects has also been clarified.

Fans attending the WCRC this year in China will get the chance to try the coffees being roasted by the competitors, and to share their thoughts in a blind “audience choice” section.

For a detailed description of changes, click here.

Image: World Coffee Events

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