Ninety plus shatters own price record with prototype Geisha

Ninety plus auction record

Panamanian coffee farm Ninety Plus has sold a prototype of its Geisha coffee in Dubai for a world record price of US$10,000 per kilogram (about $14,611).

The prototype coffee involves highly controlled cultivation and the use of local yeast strains during multi-stage fermentations.

The experimental batch of Geisha coffee broke the previous record, also set by Ninety Plus, of US$5001.50 per kilogram (about $7307) in 2017.

Emirati entrepreneur and creator of The Espresso Lab, Ibrahim Al Mallouhi convinced Ninety Plus Founder Joseph Brodsky to sell the coffee. Each cup will retail for US$250 (about $365).

These coffee prototypes “hold the key to real products of the future and represent an entirely new taste frontier”, Ibrahim says.

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