Ninth-place Geisha coffee sells for US$68.50/lb in first Hawaii Private Collection Auction

geisha coffee hawaii

The top price in the first ever Hawaii Private Collection Auction went to the 9th place yeast-fermented, anaerobic natural Geisha from Kona Geisha Farm, which was purchased for US$68.50 per pound by Latorre & Dutch Coffee Traders. This was the only Geisha in the auction and at 300 metres, was also the lowest elevation grown coffee.

The Hawaii Private Collection Auction was organised by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) with Isla Custom Coffees. The average price per pound came in at US$37.29 per pound, with 31 per cent of the 16 lots sold for more than US$50 per pound.

Producer Doug McKanna of Kona Geisha Farm imported his seeds from Finca La Milagrosa in Boquete, Panama, and planted them in February 2018. Doug, who processes all of his coffees as naturals, mechanically dried whole cherries in dehumidifying dryers which he designed and built.

This auction offered 12 yeast-fermented coffees, showcasing the ability to deliver excellence through fermentation as opposed to exotic varieties and high elevation. “We’re looking forward to continuing the innovations from this year’s auction — such as yeast fermentations in closed environments — as well as selling traditional washed coffees,” says Joan Obra of Rusty’s Hawaiian.

One reason Isla partnered with ACE for a Private Collection Auction was due to the cancelation of SCA Expo 2020. Usually, the Hawaii Coffee Association booth allows people to taste a range of Hawaiian coffees and the group did not want to lose a year of sharing Hawaii’s innovations with the world.

“It was wonderful to have the chance to showcase to a global audience the variety of coffees we produce in Hawaii and exciting to see many of them finding homes in regions of the world Hawaiian coffees rarely go to,” says Miguel Meza, Co-founder of Isla Custom Coffees.

“This has been a great opportunity to demonstrate the potential of Hawaii as a legitimate specialty coffee producing origin, and we hope the prices top coffees achieved in this auction will encourage more growers here to pursue specialty coffee production. Hopefully this is just the first step up to heights of quality never before experienced from Hawaii.”

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