Nomad Coffee Group appoints first Sustainability Manager

Nick Percy

Specialty coffee brand collection Nomad Coffee Group has appointed Nick Percy as its first ever Sustainability Manager.

“Nomad Coffee Group has always believed in doing business better; our attitude to Sustainability is no different. In our pursuit to do better, a dedicated sustainability resource allows greater focus,” the company said in a statement.

In the first week of his new role, Nick has already diverted more than 30 per cent of its roasters landfill volume through diverting chaff, or the dried coffee skin, to an organic waste service. Per week, Nomad Coffee produces about 15 skips, each holding the equivalent of 660 litres, of chaff.

With the Richmond roastery producing a large waste bill that was not environmentally and economically friendly, Nick says having one conversation with the waste supplier was all that was needed to change.

Amie Jacobson, People and Culture Manager and Corporate Social Responsibility Executive for Nomad Coffee Group says, “It’s exactly why we decided to create this role. Having Nick in the role brings sustainability improvements like this from the periphery to the forefront of business.”

From here, Nick will be able to continue to calculate and seek ways to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Moving from a sales position in National Accounts to Nomad Coffee, Nick says he is keen to see what the company can achieve in the coming months.

“We already do some great things such as the success of our own version of the circular economy in food. We compost our food waste at our cafes in Richmond, Melbourne, with the results going back to our farmers for fertiliser,” Nick says.

“We’ll soon be implementing a similar initiative in West End, Brisbane. I’m looking forward to starting some ambitious goals with our suppliers and customers around organisational carbon neutrality, zero waste and circular economy solutions, renewable energy and more.”

The Nomad Coffee Group has other sustainability initiatives in the speciality coffee sector, including its Sustainable Coffee Program which ensures fair pricing for coffee suppliers and fostering long-term relationships.

Craig Dickson, CEO of Nomad Coffee Group says, “Knowing our coffee is being sourced with both quality and sustainability in the forefront of our buying criteria is important to us. Our customer buys from us knowing we are actively looking for better ways to do business.”

Craig says this includes strategies to lower the Nomad Coffee Group’s environment impact and improve social equity in Australia and overseas.

“I am excited to see the advances we can make now that we have a person in the sustainability role. It makes sustainability an integral part of our entire business, from specialty coffee produced by Veneziano Coffee to our private label customers through Black Bag Roasters,” says Craig.

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