Nomad Coffee Group lets customers get their Coffee Hit at home

Nomad Coffee Group

Nomad Coffee Group has launched an innovative program for its online consumer brand, Coffee Hit. This program, called ‘Get Your Coffee Hit’, enables consumers to build their own custom espresso machine bundle.

The Get Your Coffee Hit program is an interactive microsite that allows consumers to take control, deciding from a choice of three Breville espresso machine models and three Coffee Hit blends.

The three machine models include the Bambino Plus, a great compact, entry-level machine, the Barista Pro, which provides a great mid-tier option, and the Dynamic Duo for those who want total control and flexibility.

The Coffee Hit blends currently include the Fiend, an intense dark roast with tasting notes of chocolate and toasted almond, the Ultimate, which is a medium roast with notes of caramel and milk chocolate, and the Exotica, a lighter roast with notes of plum and apricot.

All bundles are paired with a member discount which allows 15 per cent off web purchases and an online masterclass hosted by Australian Latte Art Champion, Erin Sampson to ensure Coffee Hit customers can start steaming milk like a pro in hours rather than weeks.

Nomad Coffee Group has decided to offer the product bundles as part of a 12-month subscription model rather than a larger upfront payment.

“Our goal is to reach a wider audience of customers who want access to a top-quality Breville espresso machine and training classes with our Barista Champions,” says Daniel Finn, Marketing Manager for Nomad Coffee Group.

To celebrate the launch, Coffee Hit is running a competition in October with a grand prize of a Breville Barista Pro and a 12-month coffee subscription valued at $2000.

To enter the competition, simply subscribe to the Coffee Hit newsletter here or for more information on Get Your Coffee Hit, visit

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