Nomad Coffee Group pledges journey to Net Zero

Nomad Coffee Group pledges journey to Net Zero

Specialty coffee brand collection Nomad Coffee Group has committed to becoming a Net Zero emissions company from 2022 onwards.

“To do our part in ensuring that the coffee industry that we love continues for generations to come, our organisation is officially committing to Net Zero emissions from 2022, and each year thereafter,” says Nomad Coffee Group CEO, Craig Dickson.

“Our industry faces some major challenges, such as a significant reliance on natural gas, for which there is currently no viable alternative. However, we believe this approach is an important first step to lower our environmental impact as quickly as possible.”

Using 2020 as a baseline and with the help of climate change and human rights advisory firm Ndevr, the company says that as of January 2022, more than 80 per cent of its total electricity consumption will be from renewable resources, avoiding over 500 tonnes of Green House Gas emissions.

The company will also conduct a review of its waste management practices and are on track to divert 75 per cent of its waste from landfill.

Furthermore, from 2022 it will offset its remaining emissions to achieve Net Zero and limit its reliance on carbon offsetting by 2030.

Craig of Nomad Coffee Group says doing business sustainably is deeply entrenched within the Nomad Coffee Group’s DNA.

“For many years, our focus has been on working closely with our growing partners to ensure that they receive a fair price for their product, allowing them to have a better quality of life,” says Craig.

“However, the not-so-new issue of climate change, threatening to dramatically alter coffee growing regions in catastrophic ways is something that can’t be ignored, with some in the scientific community estimating up to 50 per cent of the land currently in coffee production becoming unsuitable for farming by 2050.”

Back in July, the company appointed Nick Percy as its first ever Sustainability Manager.

“Nomad Coffee Group has always believed in doing business better; our attitude to sustainability is no different. In our pursuit to do better, a dedicated sustainability resource allows greater focus,” says Nick.

The Nomad Coffee Group has other sustainability initiatives in the specialty coffee sector, including its Sustainable Coffee Program which ensures fair pricing for coffee suppliers and fostering long-term relationships.

Nomad Coffee Group is made up of brands including Veneziano Coffee Roasters, Coffee Hit, Black Bag Roasters, and Flight Coffee.

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