Nomad Coffee Group receives positive engagement survey results

Nomad Coffee Group

Nomad Coffee Group has announced its recent engagement survey results, with an engagement score of 82 per cent.

This ranks the company 4 per cent higher than the top 25 per cent of businesses in the Food and Beverage sector.

It also places it 8 per cent above the Australian (100 to 200 employee) benchmark of 74 per cent, 3 per cent above the Global Average for All Industries Benchmark and 1 per cent above the Australian (100 to 200 employee) top 25 per cent benchmark.

The specialty coffee company had originally set an engagement target of 78 per cent for 2021 based on the prior year’s results.

“Given the COVID-19 pandemic challenges over the last two years, this is an outstanding result and speaks volumes to our people-first approach throughout the pandemic,” says Nomad Coffee Group CEO, Craig Dickson.

“Eighty-two per cent engagement is an incredible result, but it doesn’t stop there for us.”

Nomad Coffee Group measures its engagement by way of people’s connection and satisfaction with a company.

People & Culture Manager, Amie Jacobson says by lifting engagement, it can positively impact the purpose and meaning an employee takes from a role and organisation.

Furthermore, Amie highlights that engagement contributes to higher performance, innovation, retention, and attraction of talent.

“The success of our business starts with ensuring our people are engaged, satisfied, and find meaning from their employment with Nomad Coffee Group,” Amie says.

“We take a multifaceted approach to employee engagement, regularly surveying our employees on their satisfaction and engagement levels.”

Nomad Coffee Group is a collection of specialty coffee brands including Veneziano Coffee Roasters, Coffee Hit, Black Bag Roasters, and Flight Coffee.

Amie says the company is always moving forward and progressing with the innate ability to adapt and evolve with the times.

“We want our employee’s time with Nomad Coffee Group to be career-defining, to be that employer our people look back on and think, ‘wow…what an awesome time that was’. For us, that is success.”

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