Nomad Coffee Group releases sustainability report

Nomad Coffee Group (NCG) has released details of its Sustainable Coffee Program (SCP) in its 2018 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Through the SCP, which has been operating since 2010, NCG pays premium prices for its green coffee, rather than trading on the traditional C Market. By 2023, its goal is to purchase all of its coffee via the SCP.

In 2018, 60 per cent of coffee bought in the business fell under the SCP, a 50 per cent increase from 2017.

In 2018, NCG’s certified SCP countries and partners were Brazil – Capricornio Coffees, India – Kaapi Royale/Sethuraman Estate and Colombia, Peru and Honduras – Sustainable Harvest.

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Managing Director Craig Dickson says in addition to the SCP, NCG’s ability to purchase larger volumes of coffee has a huge positive impact on its producers.

“Specialty grade coffee is generally a very small percentage of what a farm produces, and to make a living, farmers need to sell their entire crop. Via our contract roasting arm, Black Bag Roasters, we can purchase larger volumes of high-grade commercial coffee, in addition to the specialty coffee we purchase for Veneziano Coffee Roasters. This means we’re able to have a bigger impact on the profitability and sustainability of our producers,” Craig says.

He adds while making a positive difference at origin is a compelling incentive in its own right, the benefits go far beyond this.

NCG says the benefits of its SCP include:

  1. Long term relationships enabling NCG to enter into longer contracts with volume commitments, allowing producers to plan investment strategies to improve the quality of their green coffee,
  2. Paying premiums direct to the producers enabling facility upgrade projects, better working conditions, and supports more sustainable agricultural practices,
  3. Traceability providing transparency of coffee lots back to origin, processing methods, and sustainable practices,
  4. Giving back to local communities in a measurable and transparent way, enabling contributions to community outreach programs such as promoting children’s education, community health, and women in coffee,
  5. Greater control over coffee through collaboration to increase innovation and control of the end product and flavour in the cup.

In addition, NCG has announced a commitment to making consistent and continual changes about how it does business that improves everyday lives.

A number of sustainability initiatives have been implemented across the business include:

  • Installation of water taps that saves an estimated 9000 500-millilitre bottles per year,
  • Installation of a milk juggler that saves an estimated 100,000 two-litre bottles per year,
  • Implementation of Detpak’s RecycleMe system with all takeaway cups made from recycled materials. Each cup placed in a certified collection station will ensure it will be recycled into paper,
  • Recycling initiative for Polyethylene bag liners and bulk bags diverting six cubic metres per week from landfill,
  • Introduction of reusable crates for wholesale deliveries resulting in a reduction of more than 100 cardboard boxes per week,
  • Purchase of reclaimed pallets instead of new,
  • Hessian and jute coffee bags supplied to Twich Women’s Sewing Collective to repurpose into reusable shopping bags,
  • Discount incentives for customers who bring in reusable cups, and
  • Toilet paper supplied by Who Gives a Crap and is fully recyclable paper and bamboo.

“We’ve been a leader in the coffee industry for over two decades now and recognise the opportunity to make a meaningful positive impact on the local communities with which we work with,” Craig says.

“It’s only by implementing these sustainable and socially responsible practices today, that future generations will be able to enjoy coffee tomorrow.”

NCG is a collection of specialty coffee brands, including Veneziano Coffee Roasters, Black Bag Roasters, Coffee Hit, and Flight Coffee. The full Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report includes in depth details of NCG’s buying practices and local initiatives.

For more information, or to download the report, visit

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