Nuova Simonelli Espresso Management System

Nuova Simonelli’s research and development department has designed and developed a new tool to simplify work for everyone who serves the retail coffee sector.

Named the Espresso Management System, it transmits data over the Cloud, giving users real-time information that can improve their performance.

The Espresso Management System is available in the Aurelia II Digit, Aurelia II T3,and Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle machines.

Using the new technology, the distributor, wherever they are located, can monitor the espresso machine fleet. The technical service team can see each machine’s condition remotely and plan in advance for maintenance and service, reducing the risk of machines breaking down by 90 per cent.

The Espresso Management System also provides reports on store operations. This tool confirms good functionality and identifies growth potential at each store. Espresso Management System’s reporting tool is extremely useful as an overview of the economic performance of coffee shop chains.

The system can send data on workflow, espresso machine conditions and energy consumption. With the Espresso Management System, technicians know in advance when to plan for maintenance.

Baristas can rest easy and work more smoothly with more control over workflow and energy consumption of their machines.

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