Nutella changes tub colour to avoid stock shortages

Nutella has transformed it iconic 3-kilogram buckets from brown to white to ensure foodservice professionals can better manage usage and reorder in time to prevent stock shortages.

The packaging change comes in response to new research that has uncovered the challenges experienced by chefs and café owners.

Commissioned by Ferrero Foodservice, the survey of more than 400 Australian chefs and café workers has found that running out of product during service is one of the worst things that can happen in a café or commercial kitchen.

“Following customer feedback that the inside of our brown tub can make it hard to distinguish the true usage of Nutella, we have looked to repackage our foodservice tubs. After all, a service without Nutella available is no service at all,” said Jodie Tripodi, National Sales Manager Foodservice, Ferrero Australia & New Zealand.

“With our old packaging, from a quick glance it could look like there is more Nutella available than is really the case. Time poor chefs and café workers will be pleased to know the new tubs offer a stark contrast to the Nutella inside, allowing them to quickly and accurately gauge how much product they have left.”

The new foodservice specific tubs, which contain the much loved 52-year-old original Nutella recipe are being rolled out from September and will be available nationwide.

Importantly for foodservice businesses looking to cater to customer tastes, consumer love for Nutella continues to grow in Australia.

Nutella currently has a market share of 83 per cent of all chocolate spread sales, and value sales of Nutella have grown more than 7 per cent year on year.

In addition to having stock on hand to meet the demands of customers, a primary concern for industry professionals identified by Ferrero’s foodservice research was the need to ensure high levels of hygiene and safety.

“Product quality control and food safety is always a primary concern for foodservice professionals. This was front of mind when our new Nutella foodservice packaging was developed as the new white tub makes it very easy for those in a kitchen to quickly identify cracks and possible product seepage, allowing kitchens to remain safe and hygienic,” said Jodie.

To order the Nutella foodservice 3-kilogram tub please contact your local foodservice distributor.

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