NZSCA to host Fresh Harvest Cupping

The New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA) will host a Fresh Harvest Cupping event from 24 – 25 August across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The event is an opportunity to cup from freshly-harvested samples available in NZ. The coffees will be sample roasted and participants will cup various coffees which have been chosen because they are fresh from origin, and available to purchase directly from brokers. Some coffees will be micro lots and others will be from importers who have origins or programs they work with long term, and therefore represent the coffee they focus on.

All that’s required is a cupping spoon and a beer.

Importers have been asked to submit samples of both blend quality and micro lot qualities, and coffees which might represent their projects at origin.

This event should have a selection of coffees to suit any market in NZ, not just expensive coffees. The event is open to any roaster who is interested in trying a wider selection of coffees available in NZ.

NZSCA notes that it will not benefit from sales in any way. It is only facilitating a tasting. Participants should contact importers directly to learn further details on coffees tasted.

The cupping will take place in the following locations:

24 August in Auckland at Underground Coffee Roasters: 190 Durham street, Christchurch, Canterbury. To book click here.

25 August in Wellington at Peoples Coffee: 12 Constable street Newtown, Wellington, Wellington. To book click here.

25 August in Auckland at Coffee Supreme – 2 Galatos Street, Auckland Central. To book click here.

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