Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend expands across Australia

Last year, specialty coffee roaster Toby’s Estate partnered with Califia Farms to launch the latter’s Oat Barista Blend in Australia.

Beginning in New South Wales, Califia Farms has announced the partnership has now taken Oat Barista Blend nationwide.

“With compelling health, ethical and environmental benefits it’s no wonder more people are turning to plant-based diets,” Toby’s Estate General Manager Jody Leslie says.

“When it comes to coffee, they’re now looking for more options than just soy and almond and so we knew we had to listen to our customers.”

Toby’s Estate distributes the oat milk to its extensive café network across Australia, most recently including Queensland, Western Australia, and South Australia.

“We found the perfect product in Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend because it’s so creamy and delicious, yet importantly doesn’t overtake the flavour of our coffee,” Jody says.

“It’s ideal for baristas too because it’s easy to stretch, has a smooth pour and it doesn’t split. It is very close to how full fat milk performs.”

According to Dan Kaplan, National Business Manager for Califia Farms Australia, in the United States oat milk is the number two dairy alternative in coffee shops after almond milk. He says Australia is headed in the same direction.

“Oat milk is not only dairy free and not a nut milk, but it’s free from soy and made from a sustainable grain, which makes it a very appealing option for consumers,” Dan says.

“When you combine that with great taste and functionality, it’s easy to see why it’s becoming so popular in cafés.”

Califia’s Oat Barista Blend is made from whole rolled oats and is completely unsweetened with no added sugar, gums, dairy, or soy.

“We’re so proud of our oat milk and are really excited to now have Toby’s Estate on board so that more Australians can fall in love with Califia’s Oat Barista Blend,” Dan says.

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