Ona Coffee adds carbonic maceration coffee to Raspberry Candy

Ona Coffee

Ona Coffee has announced the addition of carbonic maceration (CM) processed coffee to its signature Raspberry Candy blend.

“We have been working on [CM] techniques and processing for several years with our partners at coffee farms around the world,” Ona Coffee Founder Sasa Sestic says.

“Last year we saw some incredible results from several of these experimental lots from Ethiopia and we are now looking for every opportunity to share them with our customers.”

Raspberry Candy was inspired by the milk coffee Sasa served when he won the World Barista Championship (WBC) in 2015. In the same year, Sasa became the first barista to present a CM coffee on stage at the competition.

In 2018, World Barista Championship finalists Agnieszka Rojewska of Poland and John Gordon of New Zealand both used coffees from Ona’s experimental lots to place first and sixth, respectively.

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Ona Coffee Senior Roaster Danny Wilson says that the addition of these experimental coffees to the blend is a great way to share new innovations with customers.

“What has started as a small-scale experiment has now become something we can replicate and serve on a larger scale,” he says.

“Being able to share experimental lots in our house blends is incredible, as it means all of our customers have access to, and are able to experience them.”

The Raspberry Candy blend is now comprised of 40 per cent Indigo 0718, a CM lot from Kochere, Ethiopia, as well as two other Ethiopian coffees.

“We wanted to include this CM lot in the [Raspberry] Candy because it has such an incredible flavour profile,” says Danny.

“It has this amazing ability to raise the qualities of a natural Ethiopian up to a new standard, with intense sweetness and complex fruit qualities.”

Danny says that with the addition of the CM coffee, the team are seeing some new and exciting flavours.

“At the moment we are seeing tasting notes such as Boysenberry ice-cream, with a creamy mouthfeel and a rich layered fruit quality,” he says.

For more information, visit www.onacoffee.com.au/raspberrycandy

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