Ona Coffee celebrates Marrickville anniversary with Birthday Cake blend

Ona Coffee Birthday Cake

Ona Coffee has released a special-edition Birthday Cake blend, coinciding with the first anniversary of its Sydney flagship café, Ona Coffee Marrickville.

Ona Coffee Marrickville Manager Isaac Kim says the blend is perfect for those with a sweet tooth and a fun way for the team to celebrate a successful year.

“It has been a really long and challenging year, but an incredible one,” he says.

“We are so appreciative of this incredible Sydney community that embraced us with open arms. We felt right at home as soon as we opened and aim to continue building an even stronger community in the years to come.”

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Birthday Cake is a blend of coffee from Panama and Ethiopia, each processed using different processing techniques.

“A quarter of this blend is natural processed Geisha from Jamison Savage’s Finca Deborah, which adds an incredible element of deep fruit to the coffee,” Isaac says.

“We also have two coffees from Ethiopia, one processed using carbonic maceration and the other with traditional washed processing.”

Ona Coffee’s online recipe guide for Birthday Cake recommends preparing it as a milk coffee, with tasting notes including butter icing, chocolate cake, and caramel.

As for how long the Birthday Cake will be served, Isaac says that the party will continue for a while yet.

“We’re loving how this blend is tasting, so we’re going to keep sharing it with everyone until there’s no more left to roast.”

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