Ona Coffee shares the Flavours of Autumn

ona coffee flavours autumn

Ona Coffee has released a new, dessert-inspired series of coffee blends named Flavours of Autumn.

Each of these three blends is inspired by a different dessert, and the Ona Coffee roasting team has selected and mixed various coffees together to replicate these desserts in the flavour profile of the blends.

Head Roaster of Ona Coffee, Sam Corra, says that the timing of the Flavours of Autumn coffees is intended to provide some excitement among the difficulties faced during the last few weeks across Australia and the world.

“The spread of COVID-19 across the world has had a significant impact on many industries, and the hospitality industry in particular is feeling the strain,” Sam says.

“We wanted to create something fun, exciting, and inventive to keep people excited about coffee, even if they can’t have the same experience of sitting in their favourite café to enjoy it.”

Each of the Flavours of Autumn coffees is roasted for a different style of preparation. The Cherry Pie blend is roasted for espresso, the Choc Banoffee Pie for milk-based coffees, and Peach Cobbler for filter coffees.

Ona Coffee Marketing Manager Jordan Montgomery says that the inspiration for dessert-themed coffees came from the change to cold weather.

“We talked about creating something that was fun and delicious, and we also wanted something seasonal,” Jordan says.

“Last year, we had an Easter Egg-themed coffee, but we didn’t want to do the same thing again. We had a great response to our flower-themed Flavours of Spring series last year, so we thought we’d go for something seasonal again to celebrate autumn.

“Each of us wrote down our favourite things to eat and drink in autumn, and discovered that a lot of us enjoy desserts during the transition to colder weather. So, the Flavours of Autumn was born.”

The dessert inspiration didn’t stop with the creation of the blends. When trying to think of the best way to present the blends, Ona Coffee’s partner café Space Kitchen volunteered to help with some custom cake creations.

Space Kitchen is planning to serve these cakes alongside the Flavours of Autumn blends in their café in Phillip, Canberra, as well as its second location, Ricardo’s.

“The team from Space Kitchen created some incredible, custom cakes to match with each of the blends. It was amazing, they came out with these giant cherries on a plate and it turned out to be this delicious, cherry-filled, mousse-like cake,” Jordan says.

Sam says he looks forward to the community experiencing these limited coffees.

“These blends have been made using some of our favourite coffees from the 2019 and 2020 harvests from various countries across the world,” Sam says.

“There’s a mixture of award-winning lots, experimental carbonic maceration coffees, and some high-quality geisha coffees. We’re really excited to be able to share these coffees with everyone, especially in such a fun and approachable format.”

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