Ona Coffee to introduce frozen coffee menu to ACT venues

Ona Coffee

From 2 November, Ona Coffee will release reserve coffee menus, utilising frozen coffee, at several of its Australian Capital Territory venues.

“In each of our cafés, the coffee menus will feature the standard offerings of milk-based blends and single origins, as well as single origin espressos and filter coffees,” says Caity Reynolds, General Manager of Ona Coffee’s cafés.

“However, we will now have a new section of these reserve coffees which will feature some rare and exciting coffees we wouldn’t normally be able to share.”

The reserve menu rollout follows its successful launch of Ona Coffee’s Sydney store, Ona Coffee Marrickville, earlier this year, which features a range of frozen coffees on its menu.

Venues offering the reserve menu include The Cupping Room, Ona Manuka, Ona Coffee House, and Highroad.

Caity says the commencement of the reserve menus across ACT cafés is the next step in service for the venues.

“This is something we’ve been looking forward to doing for a while,” she says.

“Not only does it promote sustainability by allowing us to preserve coffees and keep them from becoming too aged, but we are able to provide a greater range of coffees to share with our customers.”

Ona Coffee says baristas put the frozen coffee beans through the grinder as they would standard beans, but the way the beans shatter as they pass through the grinders allows for better flavour extraction.

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Executive Barista of the Ona Coffee venues, Angus Mackie says that the idea of freezing coffee for cafe service was inspired by barista competitions.

“The idea of freezing coffee isn’t new and has been experimented with by people for many years,” he says.

“However, after the World Barista Championship in 2017 we really started to pay attention to the potential frozen coffee has; specifically, what it means for sustainability and flavour potential.”

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