Ona Coffee releases limited Christmas Pudding blend

Ona Coffee

Ona Coffee has announced the limited release of its new Christmas Pudding coffee blend.

Ona Coffee Head Roaster Sam Corra says the blend has a flavour profile reminiscent of traditional Christmas flavours. 

“We do a lot of releases of premium and rare coffees throughout the year, especially around the times [when] barista competitions are happening,” he says.

“We wanted to do something fun for the holiday season and when we were looking at the range of coffees we have at the moment, we thought ‘Hey, we could actually make something pretty fun out of these.’”

Ona Coffee
Christmas Pudding will be available from 26 November until 21 December.

Christmas Pudding consists of three Central American coffees, including the coffee 2018 World Coffee in Good Spirits (CIGS) third place winner Danny Wilson used in the Australian CIGS Championship.

Sam says that the blend is roasted and blended to be paired with milk, which helps highlight its Christmas flavours.

“We get some really interesting flavours coming out of this blend as a result of fermentation processes [used] as the coffee is harvested,” he says.

“This includes flavours such as fruit cake, custard and raisin. It tastes like Christmas.”

Christmas Pudding joins the range of Ona Coffee’s other house blends, including Black Betty, the Hitman, the Founder and Raspberry Candy, which Saša Šestić’s 2015 World Barista Championship-winning coffee inspired.

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The new blend will be available from 26 November until 21 December.

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